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5 ways to make your game feel like a service, not a product

16 July 2018 Liz Corney 0 Comments

Do you have something to give to people that will delight them? Of course! You’ve made something that you are proud of, and it’s your baby. We applaud you! But have you designed an experience that people want and will keep them coming back? Are you able to delight them over and over? In 4 […]

Pay Attention to Your Players. It Matters!

14 June 2018 Liz Corney 0 Comments

If you aren’t giving your players an enticing and delightful opportunity to spend money in your game right now, you are years behind. There are many big game companies that are realizing the potential of elastic revenue (see our blog post on elastic revenue here) and they are capitalizing on knowing what their users want. The […]

The Dos and Don’ts: Designing Customer Event Systems

24 May 2018 RevIQ Hive Mind 0 Comments

By now you know that RevIQ is all about optimization; specifically, revenue optimization. This is something that we look at through the entire life cycle of a product; through development, beta, launch, marketing, user acquisition, A/B testing and ongoing live operations. (Sorry, we get very excited and then we ramble 😛 ) Seeing through this […]

What is RevIQ’s secret sauce?

7 May 2018 Liz Corney 0 Comments

Elastic Revenue is our secret sauce. Oops, we weren’t supposed to jump right into the juicy part were we? Oh well, the secret’s out. Elastic Revenue (a fancy term we’ve coined) is about giving people something they know they desire but aren’t willing to ask for explicitly – it’s making the sale by connecting the […]

Taking Your Game Development to the Next Level

18 April 2018 Liz Corney 0 Comments

How do you pronounce RevIQ? We’ve heard that question a lot. And it’s even funnier when we thought about addressing that question in the written-form. And to be honest, googling “how to write something phonetically” isn’t on our priorities list. For now, let’s say it’s pronounced however you want to pronounce it. And now you’re […]

What Did We Learn From YOU at GDC?

3 April 2018 Liz Corney 0 Comments

If you follow us on twitter, you know were we at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year (and were LOVING it)! If you don’t follow us, well what are you waiting for? *shameless plug* Conferences are always an intense time of meeting new people, squeezing in time with old friends, and making […]

RevIQ Launches Elastic Revenue Service for Mobile Games and Apps

1 October 2015 RevIQ_Admin 0 Comments

Charlottetown, PEI, October 1, 2015 – Atlantic Canada’s newest Business Intelligence and Revenue Optimization venture ‘RevIQ’ launches today in Charlottetown, PEI. RevIQ specializes in business intelligence for the mobile video game and app markets, and is ideally positioned to increase publishers’ Elastic Revenue from successful, but plateauing mobile products. RevIQ’s teams of Business Analysts, Data […]